United Nations of Ju Jitsu (UNJJ)

United Nations of Ju Jitsu



 United Nations of Ju-Jitsu

The United Nations of Ju-Jitsu is a non profit making organisation.
It's aim remains the same as on it's first day:
To promote Ju-Jitsu through fraternity, solidarity and friendship.



Sadly for all of us that attended the 20th UNJJ Course & Championships we were all defeated by Irene, who came in the form of a hurricane.

Hurricane Irene shut down all of New York, meaning that the UNJJ championships were unable to take place.

However I must congratulate all of those who attended. As although they were unable to compete in the competitions that they had all trained so very hard for, each and every one of them demonstrated the true spirit of the UNJJ. This was by friendship and camaraderie and I salute you all. For you are all worthy medalists who keep alive the true meaning of the UNJJ.

I would also like to congratulate Sensei Roman Lutak and his team who took the hurricane blow on the chin – picked themselves up and fought on to ensure that all present still had a wonderful time in their great city of New York.

Yours truly
Janet Parker